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Motorum M2048TS + SL1250 swing loader

Fiber Laser LS3015FC + FM3015TL Automated Sheet Metal Handling


Tower is delighted to announce it has recently been audited and has maintained the ISO 9001:2008 standard for the Supply, Installation and Servicing of Machine Tools including the Manufacture of Punch Press Tools and Associated Services.

ISO 9001:2008 - Certificate Number A12806

Achieved as part of Tower Machine Tools Ltd ongoing commitment to our customers to provide the very best in CNC Turret Punch Presses, Press Brakes and Shears along with the highest quality Wiedemann tooling and service support.

Registration Certificates (136kb)


The MAGNUM 5000 has returned to the UK sales market.
With it''s 45 Ton capacity it will punch up to 10 mm sheet and can handle a sheet 1525 x 1830mm without reposition. Previously popular because of it''s large turret and tool size capacity, it will take up to a 140 x 5mm slitting tool.

The MAGNUM 5000 is Muratec''s symbol of pioneering and long established technological excellence and high reliability in CNC turret punch press design and manufacturing.

High rigidity and precision of the machine are fully complemented by the proven Wiedemann style punching. Low cost tooling, easy-to-use conversational type programming control and such other unique and exceptional features have resulted in these machines becoming favourites of users world-wide meeting all their requirements.

25 TON and a large table to boot !!

The Motorum range has just got better for the UK market.



  • Up to 800 hits per minute
  • 100 metres per minute linear table speed in the X axis
  • 75 metres per minute linear table speed in the Y axis
  • 40 rpm High speed turret
  • 180 rpm high speed auto index with 76mm capacity
  • Quick change punch & die holder system
  • Programmable ram stroke for each tool
  • Controllable ram speed to minimise impact and noise


The MURATEC ram drive technology still incorporates a toggle mechanism driven by an AC servo motor. This innovative technology has resulted in achieving higher productivity, an enviromentally friendly operation, and energy efficient production. A single rotation of the crank arm gives two punching strokes.

A small force is converted to a large force, reducing generation of heat by the motor. The ram drive technology gives higher power at the ram than the motor gernerated power.


The POSITIVE PUNCH-IN and PULL-OUT design of the ram, which is mechanically linked to the punch holder during the punching cycle, guarantees positive punching. This design has already been field proven for it''s high strength, precision and simplicity of tooling.

By combining this feature with the newly innovated servo driven ram, the reliability of the machine has been greatly enhanced.


An environment-friendly eco-machine, the Motorum uses the energy it needs only at the time of punching, thanks to the servo motor drive mechanism. By using regenerated energy generated at the time of braking, running costs are considerably reduced.


Looking for a replacement C2500!!

The smaller end of the market is covered with the M2044TC


  • Stations- 22/18
  • Punching capacity - 20 metric tons
  • Hit rate punching (25mm pitch) - 220hpm
  • Hit rate nibbling - 600hpm
  • Punching accuracy - +/- 0.1mm
  • Maximum sheet size (without reposition) - 1250mm x 1250mm
  • Maximum sheet size (with reposition) - 1250mm x 2500m

Looking for a replacement C2500!!

The smaller end of the market is covered with the M2044TC It is designed to meet the sheet metal challenges of today. The rugged design delivers 20 Tons of punching force, which is sufficient to process standard fabricating requirements of punching and forming. The baby of the bunch has been successfully tested for a continuous 100,000 hits in 6mm thick material for full tonnage.

The updated control and new look "talkative" panel mean that the machine is easier to program manually, and with all the Motorum Servo Motor Ram technology it is faster still.

The turret design is likened to that of the popular Centrum C2500 with 18/22 station options. With a 1250 x 1250 sheet capacity without reposition it will cope with all the jobs of the C2500 and fit in a smaller factory space than the larger 25/45 Ton machines.

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