HK PS Series CO2

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PS Series

HK’s solution to oversized laser cutting machines.
The PS Series can be manufactured to provide cutting lengths of 8’ x 2.5’ m length.


· Maximum work area of 8m X 2.5m
· No need to move table for full pallet changing thus producing high productivity and quality
· Optimal cutting quality by beam radius control function
· Uniformed quality throughout whole work area by constant beam delivery system (CBDS)
· Auto focus controller
· Lens cartridge switching
· Plasma monitoring system saving piercing time and preventing cutting failure
· 15” wide touch screen

S5 Cutting Head

Auto Focus Controller(AFC)

BRC Mirror


Cutting Sample

Main Specifications:


Maximum Work Area Maximum Transfer Speed Maximum Cutting Speed Positioning Accuracy Repeatability
4,064mm x 2.050mm
4,064mm x 2.540mm 140m/min 25,000mm/min +/- 0.1mm/3,000mm +/- 0.03mm
6,096mm x 2,050mm
6,096mm x 2,540mm
8,250mm x 2,540mm

Cutting Capacity:

Output Mild Steel Stainless Steel (Clean Cut) Aluminium
2.5kW 18 8 8
4.0kW 20 12 10
6.0kW 25 16 15

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