HK TL6015

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Tube Cutting Fiber Laser - TL6015

Maximum 6,000mm auto loading system
Rotary chuck system
Auto on/off v-support model


CO₂ / Fiber laser mountableCopper and brass tube cutting when fiber laser is mounted

ChuckClamping of various shapes
Transfer max. 100m/min speed
Preventing from sagging with auto on/off v-support

UnloaderAuto sagging prevention function utilized
Separating and collecting small products with folder function

Auto tube bundle loaderLoading and feeding large quantity with auto separation and auto length measurement function

Main Specifications:


Maximum Work Area Maximum Work Size Minimum Remaining Length Max. Work Weight Max. Transfer Speed Positioning Accuracy Repeatability
6,000 m Circle 20~165mm 180mm 150kg X : 100m/min, Y : 40m/min +/- 0.2mm +/- 0.6mm
Square 20 x 20mm~ 120 x 120mm Z: 15m/min, A : 120 rpm
Rectangle 20 x 20mm Outer Diagonal +/- 0.1mm/3,000mm
Max. Size 165mm

Cutting Capacity:

Output Mild Steel Stainless Steel (Clean Cut) Aluminium Copper Brass
CO₂ 2.5kW 6.4 5 4
Fiber 2.0kW 6.4 5 4 3 5
Fiber 3.0kW 10 6 8 5 5

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