Muratec Motorum M2548/58TS

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Muratec Motorum Turret Punch Press M2548/58TS

Environmentally-friendly Design

The Muratec Motorum M2548TS/M2558TS comes with added availabilty for options, such as, in - turret bending, downward extrusion protection and retractable die forming but with more power, speed and productivity. Available in Wiedemann 114 or spring style turrets.

Features include:

  • Downward extrusion up to 2 mm
  • Forming with upward thrust
  • In-turret bending height up to 20 mm
  • Servo motor with 25-metric-ton (27.5 US ton) punching capacity
  • Higher auto-index speed to 180 RPM
  • Faster punch rate to 400 HPM
  • Environmentally friendly eco-machine uses energy only at time of punching

Main Specifications:

Punching Capacity Max Sheet Thickness (Mild Steel) Max Sheet Size Max Sheet Size (1 x repo) No of stations
250kN (25.5 tons) 6.35mm 1250/1500mm x 2500mm 1250/1500mm x 2500mm 44/54


CNC Servo Motor Driven Ram Turret Punch Press

M2548TS / M2558TS

Multiple Functions!, Power!, Speed!
Combined increase productivity & profitability!
MF Eco Machine

Process Integration

  • Downward extrusion up to 2mm
  • Forming with upward thrust
  • In turret bending height as high as 20mm
Increased power delivers higher processing stability
  • Servo motor with 250 kN punching capacity
Increased speed raises productivity
  • Higher auto-index speed, to 180rpm
  • Faster hit rate, to 400hpm

Servo Ram Drive

MURATEC introduced (1994) for the first time in punch press technology, a new concept of ram drive, which incorporates a toggle mechanism driven by a servo motor. This technology has resulted in achieving higher productivity and an eco-friendly working environment with minimum noise and hydraulic oil-less machine operation.

In Turret Bending (Option)

The Ram-Axis servo drive allows precise stop positioning of the punch, which in turn gives accurate angle control, for Z-bending via index-station processing. Increase in turret feed clearance takes the in turret bending height to a maximum of 20mm.


Optimum control of RAM speed leads to fast and accurate forming of the highest quality, with work very minimal distortion.

Retractable forming die function (Option)

Upward forming tool dies are retracted out of the way of the work sheet movements when forming is not in operation to avoid interference of forming die with workpieces or workholders. This allows free fast movement of the sheet without any restrictions and improves quality.

Forming with upward thrust (Option together with in turret bending)

Forming with thrust from below does not lift the work, allowing extrusion and other high-precision forming processes.

Downward extrusion protection (Option)

Forming with thrust from below does not lift the work, allowing extrusion and other high-precision forming processes.




Punching capacity

25.5 Metric Tons
28.0 US Tons

Maximum sheet thickness

6.35 mm [0.250"]

Maximum sheet size punchable
without repositioning (Y x X)

1250 mm x 2500 mm
[49.21" x 98.43"]

1525 mm x 2500 mm
[60.04" x 98.43"]

Hit rate

25 mm [0.984"] pitch
8.3 mm [0.327"] stroke

400 / 300 hpm

1 mm [0.039"] pitch
8.3 mm [0.327"] stroke

800 / 700 hpm

Punching accuracy

+/- 0.1 mm [+/- 0.004"]

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