HK TL7525 Tube Cutting Fiber Laser

Tube Cutting Fiber Laser - TL7525

HK Laser and Systems have produced a larger machine than the TL6015 to come up with the TL7525. Its larger capacity will allow you to cope with all your tube cutting requirements, combined with the bundle load/unload equipment it will fully automate tube cutting creating savings in any operation.

Features include:

Automatic adjustment of V-support for tube diameters
Stress-analysed heavy duty FC chuck
FC 4-way roller chuck structure
Fully enclosed cutting chamber
Weld Seam Detector
Slim-type Precitec cutting head (Fiber)
Automatic open/close scrap window
Tube measurement and alignment
Maximum 7,500mm auto loading system
Rotary chuck system
Auto on/off v-support model

Main Specifications:


Maximum Work Area Maximum Work Size Minimum Remaining Length Max. Work Weight Max. Transfer Speed Positioning Accuracy Repeatability
7,500 m Circle 20~200mm 180mm 270kg X : 100m/min, Y : 60m/min +/- 0.2mm +/- 0.6mm
Square 20 x 20mm~ 175 x 175mm A : 120 rpm, 30m/min
Rectangle 20 x 20mm Outer Diagonal
Max. Size 245mm

Cutting Capacity:

Output Mild Steel Stainless Steel (Clean Cut) Aluminium Copper Brass
CO₂ 2.5kW 6.4 5 4
Fiber 2.0kW 6.4 5 4 3 5
Fiber 3.0kW 10 6 8 5 5

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