HK Laser and Systems PS Series

Boasting Ultra-Speed cutting for both ferrous and nonferrous metal cutting while maintaining stable cutting on a whole range of material and conditions from thin to thick plate.

The expertly manufacturer highly rigid main frame minimises vibration caused by speed and movement incorporating an ultralight and highly ridge cutting bridge.

Features include:

Dynamic motion control
Optimal thick plate cutting by use of HK Smart-Cut
Quick piercing that shortens piercing time and improves quality
High precision and high quality cutting of Ultra-Thin (0.1mm~0.5mm) materials
Cutting of high-reflective and high-level processing material
No Alignment / No Overhaul / No Mirror
Maximum work area of 6m X 2.5m


Main Specifications:


Maximum Work Area Maximum Transfer Speed Maximum Cutting Speed Positioning Accuracy Repeatability
3,048mm x 1,524mm
4,064mm x 2.050mm
4,064mm x 2.540mm 140m/min 65,000mm/min +/- 0.1mm/3,000mm +/- 0.03mm
6,096mm x 2,050mm
6,096mm x 2,540mm

Cutting Capacity:

Output Mild Steel Stainless Steel (Clean Cut) Aluminium Copper Brass
2.0kW 12 8 8 4 6
3.0kW 16 10 10 6 9
4.0kW 20 12 12 6 10
6.0kW 20 15 15 8 12

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